A reporter went viral for his quirky way of protecting the microphone

Hurricane Ian has been hitting Florida’s west coast for several days. United States of America, and reporters in the region are making great efforts to report what’s going on. In such extreme cases, journalists must sharpen their minds to protect themselves and their equipment. This feat caused one reporter to go viral.

Kyla Galer, a reporter for local network NBC2, was in Fort Myers, where the hurricane had already made landfall as it prepared to report. When the camera is turned on, Kyla shows up with microphone covered with condom.

The images soon spread like wildfire on social networks and he decided to release a video explaining the reasons that drove him to do such a thing. In the video in question, he explains that it is to protect the microphone from wind and rain. It even makes the measure highly effective in making the device watertight and protecting it from possible malfunctions.

In fact, it caused such an uproar that Other journalists in the area posted photos on their networks with microphones inside condoms. Journalists from ABC7, Jeff Buttera, even described the good results of this interesting measure.

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