The incidents in which at least 125 people lost their lives at the end of a football match in Indonesia are part of that. list of great tragediesIt has occurred around this sport throughout history.

The greatest tragedy occurred on May 24, 1964, at the National Stadium in Lima, where 328 people died. 800 people were injured in the match played between Peru and Argentina teams.

The Heysel (Brussels) tragedy in Europe on May 29, 1985, in which 39 people lost their lives and 117 people were seriously injured, is still in the minds of many fans.

Without going into violence caused by political or other non-sporting actions, these are the events most relevant to the 50+ deaths in football history:

May 24, 1964

328 fans were killed and 800 injured at the National Stadium in Lima during the Peru-Argentina match. After protests over the cancellation of a local goal, police responded with tear gas to the crowd, which was trapped outside the closed entrance gates. Most of the deaths were due to suffocation and trauma.

June 23, 1968

During the match between River Plate and Boca Junior in Buenos Aires, 71 people drowned and 150 people were injured. Some fans threw flares and the frightened crowd believed it was a fire. Known as “The Tragedy of the 12 Doors”.

January 2, 1971

66 people were killed and 150 injured when hundreds of fans stumbled upon their gates after a goal scored in the final minutes of a game against Celtic at Glasgow Rangers stadium.

October 20, 1982

Officially and by 1989, 340 fans had died, but Russia retained the death toll of just 62, and 1,000 were injured after an avalanche at Moscow’s Lenin stadium during the UEFA European Cup match between Moscow’s Spartak and the Netherlands’ Haarlem.

May 11, 1985

56 people were killed and more than 265 injured when the main grandstand of the Valley Parade stadium in Bradford (England) caught fire while the local, Third Division match between Bradford City and Lincoln City was being played.

May 29, 1985

39 fans (32 Italians, four Belgians, two French and one English) died and 117 were seriously injured as a result of the avalanche of fans before the European Cup final to be played between Liverpool and Juventus at the Heysel stadium in Brussels.

March 2, 1988

At least 72 people were killed, 95 dead, and hundreds injured when a severe hailstorm fell during a football match between a local team and another team from Bangladesh at a stadium in Kathmandu (Nepal). 20,000 spectators and they could not leave as the doors were closed on the flight. Most of the deaths were due to crushing and suffocation.

April 15, 1989

In the Liverpool-Nottingham Forest match played at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, fans forced one of the doors into the stands, causing 95 deaths and 170 injuries.

July 7, 1990

At least 62 deaths and more than 200 injuries were recorded after he was shot by his bodyguards while trying to protect president Mohamed Siad Barre from objects thrown by spectators during a football match at the Somali stadium in Mogadishu.

October 16, 1996

At the “Mateo Flores” stadium in Guatemala, 80 people were killed and 150 injured by an avalanche before the start of the match between the local team and Costa Rica, which is valid for qualifying for the World Cup in France. The capacity was exceeded with the sale of fake tickets.

May 9, 2001

At least 130 people lost their lives during the match between Accra Hearts and Kumasi Ashanti in the capital of Ghana, after the clash between the two fans, the police attacked with smoke bombs and decided to close the doors of the stadium, causing panic among the public.

July 25, 2007

At least 50 people were killed in two attacks on football fans celebrating their team’s victory in the Asian Cup semi-final in Baghdad. The first was a bomb-laden vehicle (30 dead) in the Al Mansur neighborhood, and the second was a suicide bomber hit an Iraqi Army checkpoint in Al Ghadir (20 dead).

February 1, 2012

At least 74 people, including a policeman, were killed and 254 injured in clashes between local team supporters Al Masry and Cairo Al Ahly after a national league football match at Port Said stadium (northeast Egypt). On January 26, 2013, when it was learned that the court had recommended the death penalty to 21 defendants for their involvement in the massacre, protests took place, in which 31 people died.

most relevant of 2022

January 25

At the entrance of the Olembe Stadium in Yaoundé, Cameroon, 8 people were killed and 38 injured as a result of the avalanche of the fans before the African Cup 16 match between the hosts Cameroon and Comoros started.

March 5

At least 26 people were injured in the fight and ensuing turmoil during the match between Querétaro and Atlas de Guadalajara fans at the Querétaro stadium (Mexico). The match was interrupted in the 62nd minute as the spectators escaping from the fight in the stands occupied the playing field.

6 march

The clash called by the social networks between the fifty fans of the two most important clubs of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), Atletico Meneiro and Cruzeiro, ends with one dead and one injured as a result of a bullet wound, hours before the match of the duo.