ArcelorMittal will implement ERTE for only three months and with 90% of gross salary

Employment regulation file (ERTE) steel multinational ArcelorMittal As a result of the closure of blast furnace A and other plants in Gijón due to reduced demand, it will apply to its plants in Spain, only Three months (until December 31st) and not until the end of 2023 as the company originally intended, last night deal It is therefore binding between a multinational and a union majority of UGT, CCOO and USO. Basque unions will give their answers in the coming days.

In return, the company raises the wages of its temporary regulated employment workers. up to 90% of gross annual salary (was 75% on his first offer) and 100% surcharge and holidaysThis corresponds to 93% to 95% of the total fee. With this, the new ERTE matches the conditions adopted in 2009 and in effect until the end of 2021.

Tonight’s deal at Etxebarri includes the implementation of training set by the Labor Code and the creation of a commission to monitor the deal at both the local and state level.

According to the negotiated terms, the implementation of ERTE is an issue in Asturias. no more than 25% of the workforce It accounts for 5,000 of the 8,073 jobs the group has in Spain. You can reach up to 40% in Sagunto; 20% on Etxebarri; Lesaka, 60%; in the long section of Olaberria-Bergara, 20%; In AMDS and other companies, 25. The company undertakes not to apply this procedure in any facility with 100% production capacity.

The impact of ERTE on the transversal service personnel cannot exceed the percentage of the facility to which they belong.

At UGT’s request, ArcelorMittal took over arranging the previous covid ERTE for all employees before the end of this year.

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