Jailed for pushing a man on the Alicante Esplanade, leaving him in a coma

Alicante’s jailer’s court has agreed to the transfer of a 30-year-old man accused of attempted murder to temporary prison without being released on bail after he put a 66-year-old man into a coma, which he put strong pressure on last Monday. most square Without a word. The victim hit his head on the pavement and was injured. skull fracture this left him in a state of maximum gravity and he has since been admitted in a coma in the intensive care unit of Alicante General Hospital. The prisoner, an Algerian immigrant in an irregular situation who arrived on the peninsula by boat a few months ago, denied ownership of the attack and stated that he resided in Murcia and had come to spend the day in Alicante. However, several eyewitnesses identified him to the Police without any doubt.

The attacker was recognized by the coroner on duty prior to appearing in the Alicante court, and although he did not find any changes affecting his imputability, he later recommended a new recognition, given the psychiatric history to which the detainee was cited. In fact, during his stay at the police station, he came to confess that he had been killed by the police earlier. Jailed for a “serious incident” in Algeria, without revealing more details.

The attack on the Esplanade occurred at around ten o’clock last Monday. Room 091 of the National Police has been alerted to the presence of an unconscious man. He had bleeding from one ear and had a bleeding head wound.

The first to arrive on the Esplanade promenade were two national police in plain clothes, who observed a man lying on the ground and surrounded by several people. Several witnesses reported that after identifying themselves as officers, a man pushed him hard for no apparent reason or prior discussion. The victim fell to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

Police learned that the attacker caused several incidents with other passers-by. Specifically, hours before he attacked an elderly couple at Levante Pier, the Harbor Police took him down and notified the Police Station, who sent him to the police stations to identify him.

Service patrols and security guards at the bus station have been alerted to look for the suspect, and he could be found and arrested at around four a.m. Tuesday.

This assailant was jailed on the same day as the detainee who attacked a person. boy on the tramAccording to police sources, he suffers from mental problems.

Source: Informacion


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