Laura Escanes describes how she first met Risto Mejide: “Do you always make love with glasses?”

this first time Laura Escanes Y Risto Mejide Dani Martínez on Movistar Plus + was very present in her show. The influencer was one of the guests of the new episode of ‘Martínez and the brothers’, where he talks about their first night together when the comedian asked him:Have you ever woken up with someone you didn’t know who they were?

“I’m going to tell you something very funny about it. I don’t know if I can, but I’ll tell you. It wasn’t our first date, but it was my first hospitalization. Risto. Everything was great, we’re done, I look at him and I’m like, ‘Do you always fuck with glasses?’ I say. And suddenly, she told me she forgot.Escanes responded on the show, which she guest-starred with Valeria Ros and Fernando Tejero.

Later on, Laura Escanes He stated that this situation has not been repeated since. ‘Talent Spain’ jury He did not wear his glasses again in their intimate encounters, and was stuck in a funny anecdote that they remembered with laughter: “It’s the first time ‘Fuck, he really takes the character to the end.

“He forgot the day Risto told me he was nervous and wanted everything to be okay. I also thought the whole time that this would be the pinnacle of character. Oh‘ said Dani Martinez.

This curiosity was only the beginning of the already more than five-year relationship between Laura Escanes and Risto Mejide. The couple has a great fit, they even posted this. ‘Honey, but what to do?, your podcast is on the Podimo platform they chatted about their lives, relationships and worldviews, which until now remained in the privacy of their homes.

‘Meet each other’, ‘Start’, ‘Change’, ‘Family’ and ‘Age’, among others, are just some of the topics that will be discussed, debated and agreed upon throughout the installments of this podcast format.

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