Laura Pausini admitted at Eurovision that it was difficult to hide her fondness for Chanel.

Laura Pausini was one of the protagonists of the press conference for the new edition of ‘La voz’. In addition to talking about his return as a coach to the musical format, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary on the air, the artist admitted that it was difficult for him to hide it. channel He was one of his favorite artists. Eurovision Song Contestbecause as his host he had to show impartiality.

“The servers told us not to give signals on the first two nights I tried and our preferences. I asked them not to give me Spain because it would be noticed, I am not a good player.”, confirmed the singer after being asked by Yotele, who was present at the presentation.

Pausini also explained what happened after Chanel’s performance of ‘SloMo’ when she had to convey the public’s ratings to Spain: “Even though they wanted me not to be noticed in Italy, I said it with emotion. That was the hardest.”

The translator is also pleased that ‘The Voice’ has returned to his red chair: “I would sign every year if it were possible, but it is not always possible.” “One of the reasons I’m happy here is freedom. I don’t feel like I’m in any kind of prison, I feel in other formats. They never told me to press a button here.”

La voz’ celebrates its tenth anniversary at Antena 3: “We will have the original trainers of the form”

‘La Voz’ opens the curtain and will resonate more strongly than ever in Antena 3. The network will soon premiere the new adult version of the most successful international talent show. offered by Eve Gonzalez, ‘Sound’ will appear in its fourth edition in Antena 3 with Laura Pausino, Luis Fonsi, Paul Lopez Y Anthony Orozco.

Four great artists from the national and international stage who will be responsible for managing the sales listings and turning the chairs on the set of ‘La Voz’. The four of them already knew the format and could see how it lived in previous years. Pablo López, Laura Pausini, and Antonio Orozco stumble upon the show after being together in 2020, joining recurring Luis Fonsi on the talent show.

This year, ‘The Voice’ will have a great team of Consultants to join the program’s coaches during the Battles phase. lola indigo To accompany Luis Fonsi, bad rodriguez Will be with Antonio Orozco, Vanessa Martin He is the one chosen by Laura Pausini, and Raphael will be Pablo López’s adviser.

Also, to celebrate the format’s 10th anniversary in our country, the program has prepared a special gala that will be broadcast throughout the edition, featuring the format’s original coaches in our country: ill, David Bisbal, melded and Rosario.

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