All Oscars will be re-given at the premiere in 2023

this Oscar winners of all awards will be announced again during the galainstead of handing out figurines for technical categories an hour before the live broadcast.

The institution’s new CEO, Bill Kramer, told the Academy’s magazine, A.Frame, that he would like to see it again. all artistic and scientific disciplines are honored during the show.” “We need to produce an Oscar that celebrates the collaborative work of the industry,” he added.

In the latest issue of the awards, 23 categories The eight that make up the Oscars have been announced before the premiere begins, as the red carpet wraps up and the vast majority of guests have yet to sit at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (USA). Then, during the broadcast summary with reactions from the winners.

The categories affected were best documentary, best editing, best makeup and hair, best production design, best sound, best short, best animation short, and best soundtrack. Change reduced Spanish presence Spaniards Alberto Mielgo and Leo Sánchez have been at the ceremony since winning the Oscar for best animated short for ‘The Windshield Wiper’ in this episode.

that decision made many people angryUnion organizations representing broadcasters, musicians and sound engineers proposed a boycott and suggested that the candidates decline the invitation to the ceremony.

The Academy had already announced its intentions in 2018. remove tech prizes from the gala and deliver during commercial breaksbut withdrew after the cinephile community was rejected.

Other awards, such as the Grammys and the Latin Grammys, award most of the awards at an earlier, non-televised ceremony, but their case is more justified as they have almost a hundred categories (several for each musical style) by comparison. 23 at the Oscars.

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