Same sun, same city… different environment. From Intercity to Hercules in one summer. Emanuel Maximiliano Ribero (Rosario, 22 December 1997) felt firsthand the emotional distance between the two clubs in the capital. In just one friendly match, amid a devastating heatwave, more people went to see him play football than in the entire previous year, resulting in his promotion to the First RFEF. The numerical dictatorship that categorizes clubs doesn’t (because it shouldn’t) take into account the other thing that makes footballers feel full: the support of the stands. «I am very happy with the team change.. I know the club I come from. Seeing more than 4,000 people in the stands during an August friendship puts you in your place. It was impressive and that shows how big the club I came from”, explains the midfielder. Newell’s Old Childrensports rights passed to Hercules.

“I’m not surprised by the way Intercity treated me because I know the club well, I was relieved”

Maxi Ribero – Hercules defensive center

Maxi learned one thing last year: far more contacts are allowed in Argentina than in Spain. Not knowing this cost him fired in front of the Mar Menor in San Javier last year. «Since I did not know this football, I corrected some of my flaws when I came.I had not experienced it. Now I know how to act so that all my qualities are seen on the field, ”says Rosario.

They Departure from Intercity Despite being a regular with Siviero since joining the team in January, he didn’t like it, but that didn’t surprise him either. “I am not surprised as I know the club is doing well. I was calm and did not go crazy. I don’t want to be where I don’t trust. That’s why it’s very important to me Answer Paco’s faith in me (Peña). I hope I can give it back to you, you will never regret this decision. I love the city, the people, the stadium. I can’t fail them, “repeat Maxi, who doesn’t hold grudges against anyone”.


Maxi and Manu Navarro consider taking a step forward in their careers with Hércules
Tony Seville

«To reach a goal as we follow, to rise by trying to lead the group from the first minute, The most important thing is to put the group forward and always fight., to the end » determines the Argentina pivot. “It’s a nice challenge to play in a stadium like Rico Pérez. Feeling the support of the public against Castellón in a simple friendly match shows that the step I took was the right one for my career,” the former Intercity player underlines.

“An area that supports, an area that challenges its players, who does not let them falter, who is always on top, who demands, but does not cease to encourage. It’s more natural when the stands feel that the players are giving their all, there is nothing left behind, and it’s the challenge we all set for ourselves, which is why we’re so eager for the League to start,” admits the midfielder, who feels comfortable. three votes which seems obvious angel Rodriguez on your game system.

Manu Navarro poses in a Hercules centennial scarf after his presentation. TONY SEVLE

Next to the midfielder, Rayo junior squad Manuel Navarro listen carefully. Competition for his position is high, but more than that, he is concerned about adapting to his new situation: «This is it’s the first time i’m alone in a city And I’m still not quite used to missing my people. But this is an important step and it is better to take it here than at any other club in the category”, admits the young man from Mostol, who will celebrate his birthday in October. 22 years.

I could be 6 or 8. I like to have the ball, move it fast. I would feel very comfortable in a team that wants the ball, wants to dominate the games,” says Manu.