AVI receives a distinction for its first equity plan

Receives the seal of the Valencia Innovation Agency (AVI) ‘science company. Opportunity EqualityAwarded by the Valencian Women’s Institute as a result of the approval and visa issuance of the first equality plan, which will be valid for the next three years.

Thanks to this recognition, the General Directorate affiliated to the Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies distinguishes companies and organizations that prepare equality plans. correcting gender inequalitiesto bring together innovative measures that promote equality between women and men, and to provide resources that facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life for its employees.

Andrés García Reche, Deputy Director General of the agency, emphasized that the recently approved plan guarantees gender equality and opportunities in this public institution. workforce mostly made up of womenHe also holds managerial positions.

In this context, Olivia Estrella, secretary general of the AVI, emphasized the consensus that this document evoked at the negotiation stage and assured that “this is the first step in taking more ambitious measures in the future”.

The current equality plan, the first since the establishment of the institution, 18 actions to be developed in seven different areas practices such as, inter alia, access to employment, education and professional promotion, or the reconciliation of family, work and private life. Therefore, some of these actions, such as those linked to education and awareness, are already taking place.

To ensure compliance with the plan, an equal and equal monitoring commission consisting of company representatives and workers has been established. An organization that has approved both the implementation program and the required indicators to verify the degree of compliance with each measure.

Meeting every four months, this committee will also support proposals for improvement, new measures or changes to existing ones that can be incorporated into the equality plan. Ensuring compliance with set goals in the document.

Likewise, the Agency presented itself with a protocol of action. prevent and resolve potential sexual harassment cases or because of gender that may occur under AVI in any form or modality.

Fully envisioned is the development of training and awareness actions to strengthen the prevention of harassment and to better identify the situations, but a subcommittee has also been set up to prevent and combat sexual harassment, which will be responsible for receiving complaints that they can raise in the area of ​​their competence.

Source: Informacion


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