33 burglars caught red-handed in Madrid

There is the National Police 33 thieves caught red-handed probably when They tried to rob a few people’s homes Municipalities and counties of Madrid Taking advantage of the fact that many of them are empty during the first two weeks of August.

As reported by the Madrid Police Station, the vast majority of those arrested They committed crimes in the privacy of the night at home days before they put plastic, silicone threads or glue “witnesses” on their doors to confirm that they’re forlorn in the summer.

The favored trophy of this thief profile, jewelery and cashand nearly all of them were captured after being identified by the residents of the buildings and communities in which they operate.

These 33 arrests are part of the so-called Summer 2022 operation, a device used by the Madrid Police Headquarters to prevent such robberies from taking place in the capital and municipalities within its jurisdiction.

Persecution in Alcorcón

One of the first events recorded in the first two weeks of August, morning of the 1st day in town alcohol.

Agents seen three men sneaking down an alleyWhen he noticed the presence of the police, he fled and started a chase.

Shortly after, one of the suspects, who was hiding a stocking with lots of jewelery and cash in his pocket, was caught on impact from a pre-pursuing heist.

After this man’s arrest, agents identified two of his friends. arrested the next morning thanks to a warning from an off-duty policeman preying on them by tampering with a portal lock.

During the arrest, various tools were seized to mark doors and force locks, as well as various valuables and banknotes.

Discovered through peephole

In the early hours of August 2, deployed agents were found on a street in the town of Leganés. several residences with signs on their doorshad been employed by criminals to keep properties vacant.

During the device they detected two men suspiciously, when a new persecution begins Person caught carrying a bag containing large amounts of jewellery, electronic devices and cash.

Just 24 hours later, Citizen Security agents received a notification. A woman who claims to have seen two men through a peephole entering her neighbor’s housewho was on vacation

Police caught the two suspects red-handed inside the house. After a struggle, they were demoted and detained as the tools, jewelry and money used to open the doors were confiscated.

Objects thrown from balcony

In another of the earlier interventions in the 9th month, a resident in Madrid’s Moratalaz district was looking at flashlights and heard noises in the adjacent house.

After calling the police, agents found that the bowler hat of that address was forced.

Inside, they found two more men hiding behind some furniture and throwing various stolen objects from the balcony.

Both were arrested and their influence was later recovered to be returned to their owners.

Source: Informacion


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