Telegram channel: Dan Rapoport, former co-owner of Soho Rooms club, committed suicide

American businessman and former co-owner of fashionable Moscow club Soho Rooms Dan Rapoport committed suicide. Journalist Yunia Pugacheva writes about it telegram channel.

“Before he committed suicide, he released his dog into the park with money and a suicide note,” Pugacheva wrote. According to him, Rapoport died in Washington. He was 52 years old.

Dan Rapoport was born in Latvia. In 1980, his family immigrated to the United States. Rapoport, who came to Russia after graduating from university, started working in the financial sector and in 2007, together with a partner, opened the Soho Rooms club in Moscow. The institution has become one of the most famous in Moscow.

“Deng left Moscow in 2012. He settled in Washington with his model wife, Irina, and their two children. After the divorce, Ivanka Trump bought her house. Later, Dan tried to repeat his success in the field of investment in Ukraine. In recent years, she once again managed to marry a virologist from Kiev, give birth to a daughter, evacuate her family and a hybrid dog from Ukraine. They say that his wife left him,” wrote Yunia Pugacheva.

in Moscow in 2017 dead Soho Rooms club founder Sergey Tkachenko, better known as Sergey Jeff.

Source: Gazeta


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