Two people prevent Ertzaintza from helping a young woman with an alleged hole in Getxo

Two people blocked Ertzaintza a teenager can help an alleged puncture victim at a txosna (bar) during festivities Old Port of the Getxo neighborhood, in Biscay. Both are charged with a serious allegation of disobedience, the Basque Government Security Department reported.

The incidents took place on the festive grounds of Puerto Viejo de Algorta festivities in the town of Getxo at 0105 on Monday. Ertzaintza’s plainclothes police officers Emergency was requested by 112 because a young woman could have suffered a trauma. to stitch.

Once in place, Two people in charge of txosna prevented the young woman from joining Ertzaintza.ensuring that facilities have their own protocol of action against punctures. Agents repeatedly reported that an ambulance was waiting to take the victim to the hospital, but the two people in charge of txosna continued to interfere with police work. without allowing the ertzainas to accompany the young woman to the ambulance.

Through repeated failed attempts, repeated refusals and mediation by the person responsible for the parties, these two finally agreed to allow Ertzaintza to treat the young woman.escorted him to the ambulance and was transferred to the hospital, where the protocol was developed in order to collect all the necessary information and begin the search for facts.

Two people responsible for Txosna identified and being investigated for the crime of serious disobedience to an agent by interfering with a police relief action. Currently, there is no record of the young woman filing a complaint for the alleged puncture.

Source: Informacion


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