signal became a victim cyber attack It disclosed the personal data of up to 1,900 of its users. Instant messaging app known to offer a more private and secure alternative What’s up?He confirmed it on his Twitter account this Monday.

Works with signal twilio, an external company that performs verification service via SMS messages for phone numbers associated with the application. At the beginning of August, this company is a “sophisticated” computer attack This allowed attackers to break into their systems and take control of sensitive customer data, including some Signal users. This was achieved using the ‘ method.phishing‘ impersonated Twilio employees to gain access to the system.

Recommended practice by former CIA analyst Edward Snowden For your security, you disclosed that this attack compromised the data of 1,900 users, a small fraction of the over 40 million users Signal has worldwide. “All users can be assured that their message histories, contact lists, profile information, people they have blocked and other personal information remain private, secure and unaffected,” the statement said.

What should you do if you have a signal?

Thus, information stolen by attackers can allow attackers to try to record the number of attackers. telephone of a Signal user on a new device. This can happen with accounts that do not have registry lock enabled. In this case, although attackers can use the account to impersonate the victim, they cannot access the messages before the app is installed.

That’s why the nonprofit asked its users to enable the registry lock. security account by requesting a PIN to re-register the phone number. To do this, users can go to app, settings, privacy and unlock registry there.