Singer Omar Montes was fined this Wednesday. municipal police Madrid’s fame for committing several traffic offenses when he went to Colón to meet his fans.

Montes supports its followers via social networks. Columbus Square because his intention was to release his new song “Si tú te vas” and distribute T-shirts.

Specifically, the police took action three sanction proposals: for disobedience to officials; for stopping in the car he drives in the middle of the road and preventing the traffic; and a third to park in the bus lane, as reported to Efe on Thursday by Madrid Municipal Police sources.

It was such a mess that agents ordered Omar Montes to leave the area before reaching the Plaza de Colón at half past seven in the afternoon, before hundreds of people gathered awaiting the arrival of the “Survivors” winner artist from Madrid. “In 2019.

Along with a few of his friends, Omar Montes tried to take pictures from one place. ferrari A red convertible mounted on a trailer for which it does not have the required permit.

Representatives of the artist Efe and Montes “I didn’t know that so many people would gather.”