Salaries at Mercadona: How much do supermarket workers earn?

How much do employees get paid? Mercadona? A cashier, a stockist… This is a question that many people have been asking themselves since the past. Valencia supermarket chain In addition to working conditions, it attracts many people who pay one of the highest salaries in the food industry. looking for a job. And this, Mercadona staff It is among the best paid in its field.

In order to know the salary of each worker, it must be taken into account that the salary of the workers in the Valencian chain depends on their own salary. seniority in the company. In this way, an employee who has been working for less than a year will receive at least Gross monthly salary of 1,435 euros for 40 hours per week.

Salaries at Mercadona: how much do supermarket cashiers and stockists get paid.

Likewise, the gross wage for 20-hour contracts 712 € and for those with 15 hours 534 euros,

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