The obvious question a ‘First Date’ diner asks his date: “Do you like sado?”

The ‘First Dates’ restaurant opened its doors for one more night to host the date between Agustín and Silvia. She was about to get married and realized that she loved her date. physically, but implied that the face wasn’t entirely to her liking. Silvia’s situation was just the opposite, because Silvia saw her as an attractive boy.

However, Agustín became more and more attracted to Silvia: “A girl who knows how to listen and I like it. Not those people who always say ‘me, me, me’. He knows how to listen,” he assured in front of the program’s cameras.

In fact, there were several points throughout the meal where they discovered commonalities. He admitted that he is actually a fan of TV series and movies and works in the production of audio-visual products.

However, at a certain moment, Agustín wanted to know a little more about the sexual pleasures of his date: “Do you like sadomasochism?”. Faced with this question, Silvia did not know very well what to answer. Seeing that the question was bothering her, she explained that it was a joke.

But this first “joke” put her at ease, and she finally realized it was a “cane.” Regarding the second date, Agustín assured her that he would “take her to a spa and not just to see you in a bikini, but also.” Regarding a possible night of passion, Silvia assured that it would happen. “with a dim light, creating atmosphere and releasing ourselves”.

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