A group of 31 prisoners escaped from the Beirut detention center

A group 31 inmates escaped from a detention center this Sunday According to official sources, the conditions are still unknown in Beirut and Lebanese security forces have launched an investigation to arrest the fugitives.

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces announced on Twitter that they did not disclose the details of the 31 prisoners who escaped from the Courthouse detention center in Beirut. morning from saturday to sunday.

Nor did they explain how they managed to escape. but they gave assurances that they were starting an investigation. to capture leaks.

The Chairman of the Lebanese Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, Deputy Michel Moussa, said: “closing” of facilitiesAccording to the Lebanese state news agency ANN.

“How could so many prisoners escape? from a safe place and sealed with iron plates?” asked the parliamentarian, who explained that the commission he chaired would “follow all aspects of what is happening today and the situation in prisons”.

According to ANN, Moussa recalled that several officials had “over the years” demanded the closure of the Courthouse detention centre. “does not meet minimum requirements” prisonHe urged judicial authorities to “expedit their trial” of prisoners who have not yet been convicted.

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