Ukraine war sparks anger in Germany over private bunkers

“Bunker for sale”. Mr Müller thus offers a refuge from the former German Democratic Republic (RDA) has been on Ebay since last July 7th. The photos in the ad show an old underground military facility built by socialist East Germany outside of Bad Freienwalde, a small town in the East German state of Brandenburg. In apparent good condition and located on a plot of more than 25,000 square meters, the price is one million 300,000 euros. The ad states “quantity is negotiable”.

However, Mr. Müller does not respond to calls or messages to provide more information about the bunker, making it impossible to verify whether the announcement is fact or fiction. Second, the company’s press officer suspects Mark Schmiechen Bunker Schutzraum Systeme Germany (BSSD or Bunkers and Shelter Systems of Germany, in Spanish translation). The BSSD representative assures that the anger unleashed by special bunkers in Germany since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine also leads to deception and fraud.

“It’s calmed down a bit now, but for the first three, four weeks we got an average of five or six calls an hour,” Schmiechen told El Periódico de Catalunya. “The difference between then and now is that the calls we receive today are of a much higher quality. That is, people who were previously informed, who are building a house or have a property that they want to renovate.” After the first stage panic after the start of the war, a bunker or a private shelter In the current international situation marked with a t in a private house is offered as one more option.war tensions, inflation and energy crises.

public shelters

487,598. This is the number of people the Federal Republic of Germany can protect in the event of a national emergency such as war, nuclear or chemical attack. the number corresponds 0.6% of the country’s total populationrecently published weekly Death time After receiving official statistics from the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The German state currently has 599 bunkers. During The Cold WarThe capacity for public protection was much greater on either side of the border between the two Germanys. As the main front of the military and nuclear tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union, the German authorities had contingency plans much more complete than those available at the time.

A private bunker of the BSSD company in Germany.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, successive governments of reunified Germany were selling, abandoning, and even destroying public shelters. The alleged “end of history” and conventional wars on European soil justified the German authorities. The current horizon of war and uncertainty in Ukraine now seems to be taking it away.

doomsday trial

In the event of a nuclear apocalypse, it seems unlikely that a private bunker will save a family’s life for long.. Therefore, what can prompt a citizen to build a shelter for himself and his family in the basement of his house? “For example, imagine that there is a power outage and there are gangs who have nothing to do but rob people or loot houses. These have already happened in times of war. So, if I have a shelter, I can retire there with my family and perhaps save my most important documents. I can protect it and stay there for hours or maybe days,” says Mark Schmiechen. After the shock of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the current energy crisis threatening Germany now feeds the desire for special protection of people with enough money.

BSSD’s range of offers is very wide: it ranges from a steel container of several square meters that can be housed in an apartment for 11,000 euros. a reinforced concrete shelter built like an apartment, The starting price is around 60,000 euros. This last option can be installed inside the building, in the basement or even in the garden of the house with a hidden access to the inside or outside of the house. The company, which is the only one of its kind in Germany, has no budget limit. Mark Schmiechen says it all depends on the customer’s needs. And things are going well: the project volume reaches triple-digit millionaire numbers and includes both private customers and the German State.

horror seismograph

It can be said that the success of the BSSD company is a reflection of the fear in the German society. Regardless of the meaning a private shelter investment may have, its turnover is a kind of seismograph of the population’s fear as it looks into the future.

The BSSD representative summarizes the situation as follows: “Before the Ukraine war, we noticed that there was an increase in demand when there was a crisis anywhere in the world. But we have not experienced this before. The increase in demand is increasing exponentially. Before the Russian invasion, our website received 500 daily visits, now we exceed 10,000”.

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