Shao Hui instead of IKEA. “Yandex.Market” users complained of fake plush sharks

Users of “Yandex.Market” began to complain about fake soft toys “Blohay” from IKEA in the form of a shark. Message about it seen On the Medialeaks website.

So, media reports, one of the users of the Yandex market, complained about the seller, who offered to buy original sharks, but actually sent fakes. The disappointed customer added “Made in Indonesia” to his review and a photo of the sticker showing the Shao Hui brand.

Other photos of dissatisfied users show photos of toy sharks that only vaguely resemble original IKEA products. Many of them are severely deformed. Perhaps due to the uneven distribution of the filler.

“The seller probably never even saw the sharks in the picture,” wrote a user nicknamed Elena Z.

Another dissatisfied buyer announced his intention to return the fake shark to the seller and refund the money paid for it.

Formerly Wrote A full range of IKEA has appeared on Yandex.Market.

Source: Gazeta


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