Carolina Ferre returns to Telecinco as collaborator in ‘Already Summer’

Carolina Ferre is back on Saturday, August 6th. telecinco As the new collaborator of ‘Write already’. The host of ‘Atrapa’m si pots’ in the Valencian community of À Punt has returned home for years to strengthen the cast of the program that replaces ‘Viva la vida’.

“Welcome!” Frank Blanco said as soon as he entered the set. said. “Thanks, thank you! I was looking forward to it!” He replied with a smile, showing his enthusiasm for the new business opportunity the chain had presented him.

In fact, the newly released collaborator showed his enthusiasm for stepping into the same set he worked on years ago: “16 years ago I was presenting a program called ‘Plan C’ on this set where ‘Médico de familia’ was recorded.remembered the talk show host.

Frank Blanco, host of this episode of the space, predicted a promising future for the new collaborator because “this program will be more successful than ‘Family Doctor'”. Ferre also ironically replied: “Yes, I hope it will be more successful than ‘Plan C'”he replied with a laugh, because the show in question only lasted three weeks on the air.

In fact, Carolina’s arrival at the Mediaset facilities was already somewhat hilarious, as she was responsible for posting on her Instagram. Due to the summer season, there were hardly any workers at the chain, and the commenter even wondered if he had made the wrong day or hour: “Let’s see if they cheated on me during the day. Hello? Is it summer?”.

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