2023 General Government Budgets, which are among the main targets of the Treasury in the coming months.

preparation and approvals General Government Budgets (PGE) from 2023 stands out as one The main objectives of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function for the second half of the year.

This is reflected in the new edition of ‘Harmony’, the Executive accountability report for the work presented by the Head of Government last Friday.

According to the Department headed by María Jesús Montero, These public accounts will be the “base” for consolidating economic growth, strengthening the Welfare State and responding to its consequences. war. All this with the help of European funds to transform the production model.

Similarly, in the coming months, the Department of Finance and Public Administration will continue to focus on measures to mitigate the economic impact of the occupation of Ukraine.

In this sense, one of the keys will be the processing of taxes on financial institutions and energy companies in parliament for the implementation of the energy saving and efficiency plan in the General State Administration, as well as for a more equitable distribution of war-related wages.

Measures to reduce inflation

The works of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration in this first six months of the year, taking measures to mitigate the effects war-induced inflation and productive fabric in families.

In this sense, The government approved initiatives aimed at softening the effects of rising prices on the middle class and working class. protecting vulnerable groups and supporting the most affected economic sectors.

Thus, the tax deductions associated with the electricity bill have been extended until December 31, 2022. reduction of VAT on electricity to an additional 5%.

The extension of fiscal measures until the end of the year means the continuation of the reduction of the Special Electricity Tax from 5.1% to 0.5%, the minimum tax allowed by European Union regulations, and the suspension of the Value Tax through 2022. Electric Power Generation (İvpee). All this assumes a reduction of 80% of the fiscal figures of electricity.

Similarly, the Ministry of Finance and Public Service had, through the Tax Office, to develop and implement other measures such as bonuses of 20 cents per liter of fuel, assistance to affected sectors such as carriers or gas-intensive industries. and more recently, €200 assistance to households with an income of less than €14,000.

milestones reached

Besides the measures adopted in the decrees in response to the war, the department headed by María Jesús Montero, Strengthened administrative capacities to implement the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan Through the procedures necessary for the establishment of the State Register of organizations interested in Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (Reperte) and its use by ministry departments.

Another of the milestones reached in these six months is, Establishment of a talent recruitment plan to put an end to the aging problem of the General State Administration.

In this first semester, the committee of tax reform experts also presented the White Paper with their proposals. A document being analyzed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, taking into account the current economic context and the need to continue to support growth and quality job creation.

Likewise, the commitment to bring the administration closer to the citizens and provide assistance to the taxpayer continued during these months. Notable among these initiatives is the expansion of the Comprehensive Digital Assistance Administration (ADI) with the new headquarters in Madrid-Getafe joining those in Valencia and Vigo. Or, in cadastral matters, the operation of a system called Direct Cadastre, which draws attention to the citizen via videoconference.

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