Forbes: FAS issues draft “temporary” amendment to competition law

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has published a draft “temporary” amendment to the competition law, in which the prices of socially important goods must be economically justified. About reported On Forbes Russia Telegram channel.

If the cost of socially significant products is insufficiently proven, the actions of the sellers will be considered collusion, albeit “implied”.

The publication writes that sellers still cannot agree on commodity prices, which can lead to their growth. Also, this applies to all goods, not just socially significant ones. With these changes, they want to introduce a new definition of concerted actions, as Forbes points out: in relation to a range of goods, collusion will not be called “not coordinating actions with one another” but simply “unreasonable” prices.

According to economist Vadim Novikov, whose opinion was quoted by the publication, the FAS amendments “make nonsense the principle long used by the antimonopoly department, when the evidence of collusion between companies is not concrete facts, but the conviction of the authorities. that the price of goods set by entrepreneurs is not economically reasonable. ”

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Source: Gazeta


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