Kremlin commented on the situation around Nord Stream

The Russian side can do little about pumping gas through the Nord Stream pipeline. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

“There are malfunctions that require urgent repair, and there are some artificial challenges imposed by sanctions and illegal restrictions. The Kremlin spokesman stressed that there is little the Russian side can do here.

According to Bloomberg, Gazprom accused Siemens in poor quality repair of turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline. According to the agency, the Russian company can pump more gas through the pipeline. This is reported by Kremlin insiders. Siemens, on the other hand, dismissed Gazprom’s criticism and said the units were standard in maintenance.

Gazprom Deputy Chairman Vitaly Markelov spokeHe said that the German conglomerate Siemens has not eliminated more than a quarter of the problems detected in the Nord Stream turbines, but the company’s specialists have every opportunity to carry out service work. At the same time, Siemens said earlier this week that it had not received any reports from Gazprom about malfunctions in the turbines of the Nord Stream pipeline.

Source: Gazeta


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