get into hottest summer monthsIt didn’t take long for the high temperatures to arrive. If one air conditioning If you don’t want to sleep in a sweat or have your electricity bill reach stratospheric levels, this is it. easy home methods can help you keep cool at her home.


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Create your own home air conditioner. Getty Pictures

With a box and a fan

Although our homemade invention cannot compete with professional appliances, it will help us renovate a small room in the house. This mechanism consisting of an elbow PVC pipesome amount fan Y a box or coolerrefreshes us for 30 minutes.

Make a hole in the lid of the can or cooler using a knife. We have to make sure that the hole is the same size as the mesh covering the fan blades, if any. this fan it should push air into the box with the cable or plug out.

Next, drill one or two more holes in the sides of the box, preferably on the opposite side of the fan hole. It is very important that the holes are the size of the tubes so that they fit perfectly. When this step is complete, we will have our little invention working. You just need to put it in an ice pack or plateIt will act as a cooler.

Eco Cooler Air Conditioner

Consisting of recycled materials, this ecological alternative does not need electricity. It was developed in Bangladesh, where the heat and high temperatures reach 45 degrees in summer. Company Grameen Intel Social Business designed this simple method allows you to lower the temperature by 5 degrees in a few minutes.

With a simple board and a few plastic bottles As the main material, the Eco-Cooler simply works with a pressure differential system. Plastic bottles are cut into two parts and placed on a board. The board is placed in a window with the bottlenecks facing the inside of the house. In this way, we will naturally refresh the house.

Moreover, this company shared production instructions onlineso anyone can copy the system and make one at home.

With ice and a fan

One of the simplest alternatives is to insert. containers with ice in front fan. It is enough to make several plastic bottles, pierce them and place the ice. We keep the bottles inside our fan using wire or cord so that the exhausted air will have a low temperature and cool a room. suit place a towel or a bowl underneath of the fan that will be responsible for absorbing the condensation produced.

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for cunning

If you’re handy, you can get away with simple amateur tricks and make a real air conditioner. By thermoelectric platesvarious tools, a board and used computer parts (such as heatsink, PC fans and power supply), we can produce a networked air conditioner similar to those available in the market. They explain step by step how to do it in this video tutorial.