“The main question is in finance”: what awaits Spartak after Fedun leaves?

Information that Ashot Khachaturyants could replace Leonid Fedun as head of Spartak Moscow was broadcast on the Baza Telegram channel on the morning of August 1. According to the source, the appointment of the former head of the Russian Premier League to the capital club will be held in the near future. According to Championship.com, Vagit Alekperov, co-owner of Spartak, insists Khachaturyants come.

At the same time, Championship.com reported that Khachaturyants is currently one of the main candidates for the Spartak presidency, but has not yet given its final confirmation.

“Khachaturyants is the main candidate, but has not given a final answer as of today. However, the probability of this happening is high,” he said.

At the same time, in Spartak itself, information about personnel changes in the leadership was denied. The head of the press service of the Red Whites, Dmitry Zelenov, said that he did not know anything about it.

“We are not aware of such changes. Yesterday everyone said a different name, before that they said something else. We think that such news will appear regularly against the background of various rumors, we take it calmly, ”says Sport24, quoting Zelenov.

Khachaturyants declined to comment on the information about his appointment to Spartak in a conversation with Match TV. It is worth noting that on July 31, the red-whites played the Orenburg (4: 1) match of the third round of the Russian championship, and Fedun participated in the opening ceremony of the monument to the club legend Igor Netto. on the same day. According to Sport24, the officer refused to answer questions from journalists about his possible departure from the club.

Spartak Maxim Demenko, a former Moscow player who also played for Zenit and Krasnodar, stated in a comment to socialbites.ca that the appointment of Khachaturyants to club president would depend on the financial aspect and summed it up. Feduna works for the team and said she doesn’t see her departure as a blow for the red-and-whites.

“To be honest, I don’t know right now, I can’t explain. Maybe something has some kind of relationship, he offered. Still unclear to me. In general, Khachaturyants can definitely lead the club. But the issue is material. There are people helping, that’s one thing. And if we say that he will support himself financially, then there are probably some issues with that.

In any case, I think he’s helping the club. Financing maxed out, something else didn’t work out, something did. And so, a person who invests money in this club, invests his soul in this club.

You know, it’s hard to tell if it’s going to hit. Many came and went, Fedun worked for a long time, in fact, as the owner of the team, he had shares in the club. Here, perhaps, he walks away, leaving the person he knows. “I don’t think he’s just going to give up on the club, he probably would have sold it if he wanted to,” he said.

Valery Gladilin, former football player and coach of Spartak, emphasized that Khachaturyants is a strong manager who can take over the leadership of the club, but the financing aspect will also play a very important role in this appointment.

“He is a professional, very strong expert who knows his job. He is a top category manager who knows football and all technical aspects of the business. I think this is a very strong position, if these are not rumors then it is a strong decision.

Here’s the situation: With Fedun at the helm, he sets the policy for the club and for Zarema. If they invite Khachaturyants, this is a good option. If it comes and there will be some misunderstandings [в связи с этим]then it will not work.

In terms of management and professionalism, Khachaturyants are quite consistent. The question here will be the club’s finances. Will funding continue at the current level with Fedun and the companies that work with him leaving? That’s the real question. But as a football manager I have no doubt that Khachaturyants are worse and maybe stronger than Fedun. But these are all theoretical questions, Fedun publicly says that he is not going anywhere and continues to work. And if it continues, the Khachaturyants have nothing to do in the club under Fedun, ”Gladilin told socialbites.ca.

The ex-player also summarized Fedun’s work at Spartak, noting his contribution to the development of the team, but at the same time reminding that under him the red-whites were and took only once the champion of the country. With all the possibilities of the Cup and the team, that’s too little.

“He loves football, he invested a lot here. He did a good job as a sponsor and manager.

But a club like “Spartak” has only once championed such opportunities for such a period of time and won the Cup once. This is not enough. According to the results, of course, does not reach the old one.

First of all, here, probably, it is not just up to him. Fedun is also engaged in other business, he was not only the head of the club, but also at the Lukoil company, there are many questions. And Khachaturyants will be fully engaged in the club. Fedun didn’t take care of the club like that from morning to night, his replacements performed for him,” he said.

However, the BRIEF Telegram channel currently claims that the main candidate for the presidency of Spartak is not Khachaturyants, but Sergey Pryadkin, another former head of the Russian Premier League. It was he who was replaced by Khachaturyants in October 2021. According to the source, Alexander Matytsin, the first vice president of Lukoil, insists on his appointment.

“In the format discussed, Pryadkin’s appointment as Spartak chairman of the board marks the return of his illegitimate son, Thomas Zorn, to the club. Zorn’s possible position is currently under discussion. On his first arrival at Spartak, he served as General Manager and worked for a little over a year,” he said.

As early as July 26, media reported that a representative of the club’s title sponsor, Alexander Matytsyn, Lukoil’s first vice president, could take over the management of the club. At the same time, it was reported that Fedun will resign as chairman of the board, but will remain as a minority owner of club shares. And on August 1, the publication Metaratings.ru reported that Lukoil can buy the Spartak stadium Otkritie Bank Arena from Fedun. The amount of the transaction can be from 5.4 to 6 billion rubles.

Leonid Fedun may step down as head of Spartak Moscow and be replaced by former Russian Premier League chairman Ashot Khachaturyants, who left the post shortly after the end of the 2021/22 season, Baza Telegram reported. In the club itself, such information was called rumors. In a comment to socialbites.ca, former Spartak player Maxim Demenko noted the importance of the financing aspect in this appointment, and another former red-and-white football player, Valery Gladilin, praised the management abilities of Khachaturyants.

Source: Gazeta


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