this air conditioning became our best ally for survival high temperatures from the last days. But houses without these devices can be real ovens if we don’t scare people away. heat installed on them.


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For financial or health reasons, many people make the decision. home without air conditioner. If that’s your case, here are seven little Tips to help you renovate your home and makes the heat wave more bearable.

Homemade tricks to cool the house without air conditioning. Getty Pictures

1. Keep the blinds closed and the curtains closed

After the house is ventilated with night air or first thing in the morning, freshest of the dayWe have to lower the blinds and close the curtains. prevent the sun from shining strongly on the windows and that the air inside has the same temperature as that on the street.

You should bet on light-colored curtains and light fabrics so that the sun’s radiation does not concentrate on them. If you have a balcony, the best solution is to install an awning for sun protection.

2. Pay Attention to Fabrics

Only curtains should not be light and light shades. If what you are looking for is to renovate your home, one of the simplest tricks is to change the sheets, bedspreads or covers of armchairs and sofas. white or light colored fabrics and silk is soft like cotton or linen.

Tips for cooling the house without air conditioning INFORMATION

3. The most effective trick: fan and ice

With a fan, ice and salt, you can get a homemade alternative to traditional air conditioning. We place a metal bowl with ice and salt in front of a fan, if possible on window frames. to direct weather inner your room. Salt causes ice water to drop below its freezing point.

4. Avoid opening devices

White goods are heat sources that put a load on the environment without us realizing it. While some, such as the refrigerator or computer, are indispensable, others should be avoided, such as the dishwasher, iron, oven, and even television in the middle of the day.

Tips for cooling the house without air conditioning INFORMATION

5. Create natural air currents

The windows through which the air comes out should be fully opened and should always be directly facing the street. On the contrary, the windows where the air enters should be opened very little. In this case, there should be those who face the inner courtyards, where the air is less.

In this way, we get natural air currents to be produced in the house as it enters through one window and exits through the other.

6. Ceiling fans

If you have a ceiling fan in your home, you may already know that these appliances need to be adjusted twice a year, but it’s worth remembering. In summer blades should rotate counterclockwise to suppress an air current that could cool the environment. On the contrary, in winter these fans must turn to the right to distribute the warm air accumulated in the ceiling throughout the room.

Tips for cooling the house without air conditioning INFORMATION

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7. Plants against heat

Some plants, such as ivy or ivy, will help the sun shine less on the house and let less heat in if we place them on the balcony walls. We can renew the environment inside the house. large green leafy plants.