In the USA, an Illinois resident won $1.33 billion in the Mega Millions lottery

In the United States, an Illinois resident won the Mega Millions jackpot for $1.33 billion. DEA News” referring to the raffle organizers.

“The lucky ticket holder in Illinois will celebrate by winning the final lottery. One ticket matched the six numbers needed for the $1,337 billion prize.

The lottery organizers said the final amount of winnings was more than expected after the recalculation of the sold ticket data. It is reported that close to 14.4 million tickets were purchased in total.

It is stated that this draw is the second largest draw in the 20-year Mega Millions history. The winner receives a record amount of more than $1.5 billion won in 2018.

Previously, UK National Lottery EuroMillions participant will own He will receive the biggest jackpot in the country’s history and £195 million. The money will be transferred to a bank account after verification of his identity and the authenticity of his ticket.

Prior to this, a resident of the US state of South Carolina was twice in 11 days. hit the jackpot to the lottery. The winner took the $40,000 first prize on July 16 and won $3 million in the Mega Millions Quick Pick lottery on July 27.

Source: Gazeta


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