Alicante state needs 15,000 workers to stop construction

The State’s Public Works Association is a distress call. Lack of qualified workforce, lack of generational change and increasing smuggled commodity prices The premium threatens to hinder the recovery of an industry that has seen the light at the end of the tunnel after a decade of paralysis. funds from Europe To the Generalitat, City Council and City Halls.

A rain of millions that can be left without a hundred percent benefit because companies do not have the personnel to undertake the projects. A report by the Public Works Federation (FOPA) 15,000 workers will need to be involved to undertake projects, and requests urgent measures from the Administration. Javier GisbertPresident of FOPA. An urgent project like facilitating visas to recruit foreign workers, and the second in the medium term, involving a change in VET to give boys and girls qualified titles so they can join within six months. works and continues its preparations. Existing data destructive: el 80% of workers in the industry are over 40 years old because young people refuse work.

Javier Gisbert warns that “the problem is serious and is linked to the rise in material prices, but at the moment the Administration only 30% of what is budgeted and tendered. There is money now and Generalitat, for example, is removing many artifacts from schools through the Edificant Plan, but we are overwhelmed and unmanned and it is clear that construction is such a hardworking industry right now. pays well and it’s not as difficult as it was a few years ago, because we work, for example, with a lot of pre-made material”, explains Gisbert. The data are devastating: in 2007 there were 345,000 workers under the age of 25 in all of Spain. A figure that drops to 50,000 in 2021 according to INE statistics.

“Spanish men and women do not want to work in construction. there is room for all profiles, and although we have always had foreign labor, it is not easy now either. I remember a few years ago we hired many workers from Poland who were no longer coming because conditions in their country had improved,” says Gisbert.

In medium-term works, which have the risk of being lost or carried out by construction companies from outside the province, the construction of schools and institutes of the Edificant plan comes to the fore in case Alicante companies cannot find sufficient personnel. , central conferences Elche and the port of Alicante, Benidorm arenaExpansion of Marina Baixa hospital or even participation in the Sagunto battery factory mega-project.

The serious crisis that affected the sector in 2007 forced many employees to retrain in other sectors such as the hotel sector; some retired and some unemployed foreigners returned to their countries of origin. The direct consequence of this is that the industry today cannot find qualified professionals for erecting facades (caravisteros), walls (partitioners), mold workersdrywall installers, welders or plumbing installers plumbing and electricity.

On the other hand, construction companies are also shaken by the lack of energy control. 178% increase in electricity, 50% increase in iron and steel materials, 40% increase in ceramics, 20% increase in copper, 17% increase in wood and 55% increase in aluminum. These unstoppable unbearable price spikes estimated at around 30%, as reported by the National Confederation of Construction this week. The government does nothing on its part to overhaul the prices of public works.

An operator carries a bottle of fresh water to distribute among his colleagues and hydrate himself in the heat wave. Axel Alvarez

The government approved two decrees allowing for the review of public contracts. However, the terms and interpretation made by the Ministry of Finance, About 90/95% of work in progress does not have the opportunity to apply price revisions. Only railway and hydraulic infrastructures, highways and industrial buildings have some possibilities.

One of the most uncertain aspects of the Royal Decree Act 6/2022 is determining when awards can be reviewed. After the comment made by the Ministry of Finance, works must be in processing between January 1st and December 31st 2021, and will be finalized after the publication of the standard.

Workers working at a construction site this week Axel Alvarez

This procedure has generated much controversy and the CNC schedule private voting. This does not include all infrastructures whose construction was started after the start of 2021 or completed before the issuance of the Decree. In addition, those with an execution period of less than 15 months, which according to employers of construction companies make up 80% of contracts. In 202, 6,679 works were tendered in Spain, of which 5,307 had a duration of less than 12 months.

They provide from the association that “Priority is given to contracts that are delayed and harm those who spend effort and complete their execution on time”. They also believe that these last two regulations have only caused delays in work, project abandonment, industry paralysis, and the closure of small regional construction companies. To this we must add the silence of the Administration, as companies that had to make a request before confirming the completion of the work did not receive a response to implement these reviews.

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