Johnson’s last party: a stylish wedding

This weekend, Boris Johnson and his wife carrie Star at one of the most anticipated parties of the British summer. The couple celebrated a year late behave from him wedding on glorious country estate a billionaire, great philanthropist of the Conservative Partyhe is also suspected of making a generous contribution to agape on this occasion. Daylesford House a great georgian mansion In the eighteenth century county of Gloucester, it has been classified as a national heritage site by the National Heritage. In the past, it belonged to the Governor-General of India and has been for 40 years. Anthony Bamford, He holds the honorary title of Baron and is the director of a British multinational building materials company inherited from his father.

The property has some 600 hectares of magnificent gardens, it is also of great historical value that a huge white tent was set up a few days ago to welcome guests to toast the bride and groom. Nothing was known about its number and identity. The event was kept secret. and announced by the press. “We do not comment on private or family matters that do not involve any ministry statements or taxpayer funding,” the official spokesperson said.

16.7 million euro donation

this third wedding of the Johnson The first of the 58-year-old and 34-year-old bride took place at the Catholic cathedral in Westminster in May of last year, in a secret ceremony known only after the consecration. Due to Covid restrictions, the celebration was later limited to a 30-person reception in Istanbul’s gardens. Downing Streett at that point was in the center illegal party scandal. The grand wedding reception was postponed this summer, and the chosen location was originally the elegant official residence of the young. checkers. With the invitations already extended and preparations advanced, Johnson was forced to resign as prime minister. The termination accelerated the race against the clock for a new property, and once again Johnson Lord Bamford finds a generous hand among ‘Tory’s ‘sponsors’ is the main one boss of the Conservative Party. It is estimated that he has donated to education since 2001. £14m (16.7m euro) cash and gifts. He supported the campaign in 2016. leaves He favors Brexit and Johnson when he presents himself as a leadership candidate. During the general election campaign in 2019, the current prime minister gave a presentation in front of the cameras. JCB factory in Bamford He got on a bulldozer, knocked down a false wall that said ‘Adapt to Brexit’ and pretended to unblock endless negotiations. This populist message struck a chord, especially among former Labor Party supporters who voted to leave Europe.

unstoppable train of life

Owns the billionaire’s wife Carol a large ‘hyperchic’ farmlandLike the Daylesford estate to which it adjoins, cots English region where celebrities are more plentiful than bees. Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Hurley, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Clarkson, JK Rowling, or Prince Charles’ niece Zara Phillips, whose Highgrove residence is not far away, have owned property there. Lady Bamford’s farm has an organic store with three branches in the neighborhoods. luxury of the London Provided thousands of pounds’ worth of food to Johnson and his wife during the pandemic.

The couple always seem to have a billionaire on their hands to make a living. He was another Conservative Party donor, David Brownlow, paying 133,000 Euros for the decoration of the official house The Prime Minister and his wife are at 11 Downing Street, where they will be leaving shortly. One newspaper, whose fortune is estimated at more than 300 million euros, referred to Lord Brownlow as the “patron saint of lost causes”. Over the past four years, he would inject the equivalent of 3m euros into the clothing brand he designed, Cefinn. Samantha Cameron, the wife of former Prime Minister David Cameron, has little experience in such a difficult and competitive job. The company is accumulating, despite investments made to refloat it. Loss of 2.3 million euros.

luxury travel

Will the Johnsons leave? Honeymoon To a heavenly place with two children? Another philanthropist of the Party in the past, David Ross, Founder of Carphone WarehouseHe lent them his villa. Caribbean, during the 10-day Christmas holiday worth around 18,000 euros, which was the subject of a parliamentary inquiry. Later, the prime minister admitted to spending another free vacation at the luxury property. marbella associated with Zac JewelerRegent who rewarded Johnson after losing his seat by making him Lord and placing him in the Upper House for life. In the spring this year private jet From the government to get the family to spend a weekend in Cornwall. This time the bill was met by the citizens.

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