‘Queer as folk (2022)’: the most comprehensive version of a groundbreaking classic

British screenwriter a few decades before ‘Years and years’ and ‘It’s a sin’ Russell T Davies’s photo. already rocked the television scene queer as a peopleone (until then) a rare example of a series where gays are the protagonists of their own stories and their sexuality is handled with all the candor in the world. Of course, the American version didn’t take long to arrive: it premiered on Showtime just a year later, in late 2000, and among its milestones was the lesbian wedding between the two main characters, Lindsay (Thea Gill) and Melanie (Michelle Clunie). . , or rather in conservative Pittsburgh.

Now (the 31st Sunday, on Starzplay) comes a second American ‘Queer as a People’, a review necessarily tailored to times of recognizing and learning about the breadth of the ‘queer’ spectrum. If ‘L: Generation Q’ opened up the ‘L’ world to gender identities and ethnicities that weren’t broadcast or superficially treated in previous episodes, this new ‘Queer as People’ couldn’t just be about cisgender white gays. (after all) classic Davies. suggested by dramatis personae Stephen Dunn (‘The closet monster’) couldn’t be more diverse and heterogeneous; this allows us to explore the implications of race or disability rarely touched by fiction with a ‘mainstream’ profession. The discriminated and disadvantaged are the stars here.

In keeping with the ‘Queer as Folk’ brand, the first minute already contains a wild sex scene, but one has anticlimactic benevolent racism: the bottom screams things like “punish my white ass”. and it turns out he has a Black Lives Matter tattoo on his back, something that totally offended biracial Brodie (devil way), like the braggart Stuart in this show. Brodie escapes from his mother-in-law’s house as Daniel Kaaluya in ‘Let Me Out’. Having just returned to New Orleans after dropping out of medical school, she came across an uncomfortable form of acceptance and support.

human landscape

There isn’t a version of this series that isn’t a curious love triangle. In this it is served by the former (for a short time) former Brodie.Johnny SibillyWaterboy from ‘Hacks’) and Mingus, a non-binary teenager (End Argus, the Disney movie ‘Clouds’), the framing issue that Charlie Hunnam took in a controversial moment in the original movie. This sexual practice still has a taboo air: the last black kiss scene Armond (Murray Bartlett) and Dillon (lukas gagethis ‘Queer as People’ guest star) caused some confusion.

The human landscape was completed by trans professor Ruthie (Jesse James Keitel‘Big sky’), non-binary Shar (computer science), became pregnant with twins thanks to the sperm donated by this Brodie, or gay men with various disabilities such as Julian (Ryan O’Connell‘Special’), Brodie’s brother with cerebral palsy, and Marvin (Eric Gray), no legs and no time for a whole bunch of crap.

Not to be underestimated, on the other hand, is the presence of Kim Cattrall (ex Samantha in ‘Sex and the City’) as Brenda, Brodie and Julian’s abrasive mother. In an interview with ‘Variety’ last April, Cattrall had already warned that she had her first non-binary love scene here, suggesting that her character will follow a similar path to Miranda’s (Cynthia Nixon) ‘And just like that…’ he got involved in a ‘queer’ friendship that resulted in something else. The coincidences of life.

The trauma of the righteous

All of these and a few other characters are linked to a tragedy (but hopefully not defined forever). In 2016, gunmen attacked the Pulse club in Orlando, in which 49 people were killed and 53 injured.. Dunn wanted to have the survivors of this horrific event to shape the plot. But writer and co-showrunner jaclyn davis (‘Dear white people’) also do not focus excessively on violence or trauma: this is, after all, A celebration of life in New Orleans’ vibrant LGBTIQ+ community and its resilience to homophobic terrorism.

Was there a need for another version of ‘Queer as People’? They’ve always missed and will miss series outside of heteronormativity, but this also came at a time when diversity was brutally cornered in the United States. For a month, Florida has had a ‘don’t say gay or trans’ law in effect, which prohibits teachers from talking about sexual orientation and gender to elementary school students. Fortunately, these will one day grow up and be able to make up for lost time by watching ‘Queer as folk’. Or earlier, the young ‘Heartstopper’ was curious.

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