The government limits the air-conditioning of companies, shops and transportation vehicles to 27 degrees and the heating to 19 degrees.

Government, companies, offices, businesses, shopping malls and transportation control temperature conditions to avoid wasting energyunder the package urgent measures for efficiency and energy saving It will be approved by the Council of Ministers on Monday.

The purpose is in the summer air conditioners of buildings, workplaces and transportation vehicles should not be below 27 degrees, while in winter heating systems should not exceed 19 degreesAs reported to Europa Press by sources familiar with the measures.

This is the first precautionary package it will be aimed at the private sector, but not compelling and households are expected to be excluded in the first place..

The executive will object. rationalize on and off schedules of air conditioning, ventilation, domestic hot water, lighting and equipment installations office automation to minimize the energy uses of the rest of office buildings and energy-consuming equipment, so that the General State Administration and organizations hand over part of the energy saving and efficiency measures plan sector state enterprise public, approved last May.

The measures are expected to include promoting photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in buildings that can withstand subsidies. It should be noted that this Friday, the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) has adopted a series of measures that simplify the procedures for contracting electricity self-consumption in Spain, with the following objectives. Promote the introduction of renewable energies, decarbonisation of the economy and competition in the retail market.

Specifically, the regulator has simplified administrative procedures for contracting, billing and claims for low power and bulk self-consumption.

It will be recommended in order to rationalize the use of buildings. measures to maintain optimal occupancy of properties.

At this time, it is unknown whether the package of measures will include a proposal to strengthen teleworking to reduce the energy impact generated by both transport to and from the workplace, as in the Administration’s savings plan. energy consumption in the workplace itself.

In any case, it is assumed that The executive will commit to promoting the use of public transport or public transport and other sustainable mobility measures.Cercanías, operated by Renfe, will be free from 1 September to 31 December this year, taking advantage of the fact that the Government will offer 100% discounts on tolls for Rodalies and medium-haul trains.

Moreover Cycling will be encouragedFacilitating parking spots, as an example of sustainable transport.

The government hopes these measures will be enough for Spain to comply with the agreement reached with Brussels. reduce consumption by 7% gasTo reduce Europe’s dependence on natural gas Russia.

The executive adopts this plan after a round of consultations with Teresa Ribera, Third Vice-President and Minister of Ecological Transition, with all actors (consumer associations, energy companies, social representatives, parliamentary groups, etc.) in recent days.

This proposal will also propose substituting the use of gas for other fuels where possible, as well as encouraging the electrification of demand and the introduction of more renewable energy.

The measures of this plan are European Union’s strategy to deal with this possible gas supply disruption to Russia.

On 13 July, Ribera noted that the situation in Spain is “more flattering” than in other neighboring countries due to, among other factors, the diversification of natural gas supply, the capacity of regasification plants and some levels of underground storage (72 %) and liquefied gas plant tanks ( 80%) at “historical heights”.

However, he underlined that this tense scenario has brought him into a state of “relative calm” and for this he chose a plan that addresses the smartest possible use of energy, thereby promoting energy savings and efficiency.

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