Mother and grandmother of girl who died from severe lice infestation charged with murder

A little girl of the nine years died anemia caused by a severe invasion bit with not enought feeding as a contributing factor. happened in March and mother, Sandra Krajkovic38 years old, already grandmother, Elizabeth Krajkovic64, arrested serious crime of the child abuse. Later on, autopsy It turned out that the minor also suffered. hepatic necrosis, iron deficiency Y fluid in the lungs. Therefore, now the authorities have accused both women. first degree murder.

Kelcyeas the victim was called, he died March 22 in his home Tucson, in the United States. The girl’s mother told the authorities that her daughter is suffering from anemia and patientThat’s why I thought you were sleeping. I’ll calli 911 to inform about the event, but emergency services they could do nothing to save his life, detailed the newspapers ‘The New York Post’ and ‘Arizona Daily Star’.

Insects covered the victim’s face

this police officers Visitors to the house on East Gold Links Street were “shocked” to see how the lice began to cover the deceased’s face. “On closer inspection, a huge amount of vermin hair” in ‘The Post’. Also, one of the older brothers told investigators that their mother was trying to treat the infestation with a drug. mouthwash.

The mother said she was thinking of taking her daughter. hospital, but when he got home he saw that she was supposedly asleep, he changed his mind. Police confirmed that she had sent a message to her boyfriend the day before, on March 21. In this text, he explained the situation and said that the grandmother asked him to confirm whether the girl was dying or not. Her partner insisted that she be transferred to a medical center, but Sandra did not do so for the second time, reveals the police investigation.

Sandra Kraykovich, 38, and grandmother Elizabeth Kraykovich, 64, are charged with murder. TUCSON POLICE DIRECTORATE

On the other hand, the retired grandmother was in charge of the house. childcare mother at work. He sent a message to his daughter that she could not take the minor. emergencies in which he was unable to walk without falling, did not answer questions, and had difficulty breathing. tried unsuccessfully motivationa anti-inflammatory In the United States it is used as an antipyretic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

In a series of messages seen by the police, Elizabeth complained of taking responsibility, the siblings being useless and putting Sandra’s boyfriend before Kelcye’s care.

Siblings also had lice

As if that wasn’t enough, both mother and grandmother neglected not only the little one but also the others. two brothersAccording to ‘The Post’, he’s 11 and 13 years old. Both suffered from a serious lice infestation and are now in the custody of others. relative.

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