The Russian made Geralt small and cute – this hero wouldn’t fit in The Witcher 3

Russian artist Sergey Rynkov from St. Petersburg decided to portray Geralt from The Witcher 3 in chibi style. The author admits that he made the model of the hero last year, but only now decided to paint it.

In his work, he turned a brutal monster hunter into a cute cartoon character. In the renders, Geralt is holding a sword with one hand and using the Axii character with the other. This is what the Witcher could look like if a 3D animated series or a colorful mobile game were made about him.

Previously, in a similar style, Sergey portrayed the Orc Warrior from Warcraft.

In the artist’s portfolio you can find many other interesting works, including Link, Kratos, Aloy and Doom Slayer, although they are not painted.

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