Analyst Geller: US should prepare to repel nuclear attacks by Russia and China

Heritage Foundation analyst Patty-Jane Geller said the US should update its deterrence strategy in order to respond simultaneously to possible nuclear attacks from both the Russian Federation and China. This has been reported DEA News”.

In his view, if the United States is capable of implementing a strategy against a nuclear-armed state, then this must be changed so that it can be done in relation to two rivals.

“I don’t think we’re talking about repelling and responding to a Russian nuclear attack. We will have to repel the blow, respond to Russia and at the same time maintain our ability to contain China,” says Geller.

He added that if Washington does not act, it will lead to undermining international stability in the nuclear field.

Admiral Charles Richard, former head of the US Strategic Command declarationHe said the frequency of references to nuclear weapons in the context of the international situation had reached a record level.

Source: Gazeta


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