Send child pornography to a WhatsApp group of 569 people in Murcia

A 56-year-old man from Murcia accepted the sentence. two years in prison (although not going to jail) after pleading guilty to a crime in court possession and distribution Child pornography as stated in the sentence given by the Third Division of the Murcia County Court.

The events the man knew took place more than five years ago, despite their trial in 2022. The subject, who is a resident of Las Torres de Cotillas, group What’s up? with 569 participants. He began posting images of child pornography using his number registered at a town pharmacy. They appeared in snapshots under 12 years oldvictims of sexual abuse. According to the court order, the individual sent them to the group “with the intention of satisfying their lustful desires.” His action led to an investigation.

Court decision at hand Order No. 1 of the Court of First Instance and Molina de SeguraSecurity Forces and Institutions took action to examine the address of this person whose mobile phone was confiscated, and to find out what criminal documents he was hiding.

The oral hearing was resolved by consent. Subject was sentenced to two years behind bars, but you have the advantage of suspending He was sentenced to prison on the condition that he did not commit the crimes he committed for 24 months. The sentence was served in court and is final.

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