Aemet warns of a new episode of intense heat for the next few days

From next Saturday and especially Sunday, new “hot section” on the peninsula and for the time being, though its extension, duration, and intensity are questionable, the values 5-10 degrees above normal In large parts of the country, Rubén Del Campo, Aemet’s spokesperson, has made progress.

next weekend a Thermal rise in large areas in the inner parts of the peninsula and will exceed 35 degreesespecially in the west, center and south and in the Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir valleys it rises up to 40 degrees.

At points in southern Galicia that day, especially in the Miño Valley, thermometers would already be 10 degrees or more above average, while in the rest of the western third the maximum value would be between 5. and 10 higher than normal; In the east and on the Balearic Islands the temperature will be more typical for the season.

this Monday The thermal rise, which was more pronounced in the northern half that day, will continue and already “very hot” dayDel Campo pointed out that that day, on August 1, it would register above 35 degrees in most of Spain and up to 40 degrees in areas near Miño, Tagus, Guadiana and Guadalquivir.

tropical nights

The nights will be tropical (above 20 degrees) The probability of storms will decrease, although there is still a chance of occurrence in the Mediterranean, central region and southern half, weekend northeast and other points in the peninsula interior.

A thermometer marks 46ºC in Bilbao during the previous heat wave. Luis Fabric / EFE.

Faced with this situation, a spokesperson for Aemet said, “We can talk about a hot episode since Saturday and above all on Sunday.”

Moreover, “High temperatures are likely to continue until the first half of August”Del Campo concludes without ignoring that these warm temperatures are accompanied by some storms in the inner parts of the Peninsula, especially in the northern half.

The temperature had subdued strongly across almost all of Spain until a few days ago, with maximum temperatures ranging from 38 to 45 degrees. Aemet went so far as to declare a red alert, assuming an extreme risk, with unusual meteorological events of extraordinary intensity and a very high level of risk to the population.

Source: Informacion


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