Pedro Castillo celebrates one year as Peruvian president under pressure to resign

President of Peru, peter’s castle, this thursday is his birthday year What head of peru no reason to celebrate except you fragile survival: lacking his own power, justice and Congress follow him, all in the midst of deep indifference and social rejection: only 19% of the population approve of his performance. Castle won the second round by a few votes Keiko Fujimori. A few days later he had his first ministry crisis. From that moment on, there was no shortage of predictions about the end of his fate, in line with the fate of his predecessors. Peter Paul Kuczynski He resigned to avoid being dismissed by the parliament. Martin Vizcarra a no-confidence motion replaced him until his temporary term expired. Manual Merino He had to resign to defuse the street protest. Alan Garciameanwhile, he committed suicide to avoid prosecution and Alexander Toledofirst head of state after his flight Alberto Fujimori To Japan, detained in the USA and awaiting extradition.

The government has begun to lean to the left and currently lacks a political profile. For the village teacher, the situation is as unstable as that of the ‘cardboard house’. It marked the first year of administration. successive storms. He had to change the Council of Ministers four times. No one knows when the current ‘premier’ Aníbal Torres will leave. He’s not on good terms with interior ministers either: he had to replace them seven times. At the end of June, the president submitted his “irreversible” resignation to Peru Libre, the party that supported his 2021 candidacy. His former companion will not defend him this time in Congress if a third attempt to oust him from the Executive succeeds. .

President face to face five inquiries, four for allegations of corruption by attorney general Liz Benavides, and one for plagiarism of her master’s thesis in Educational Psychology, which she obtained ten years ago. Bruno Pacheco, who served as the presidential general secretary on July 25 and fled justice when he was targeted by the courts, decided to surrender to prosecutor Marita Barreto Rivera. Pacheco is accused of different intentional crimes.

The media assures that Castillo’s persistence in the presidency relates to information provided by his former right-hand man, particularly information regarding irregular promotions and layoffs from senior positions in the police and Armed Forces. Castillo’s attorney, Benji Espinoza, said:Words are different, facts are different.“And justice must prove whether what the former fugitive said is true. Today we do not have any accredited cases,” said the lawyer, adding that his client was “peaceful” despite the “attacks” he received. Castle everything about one complo conspired against him by an elite that did not tolerate the presence of a humble man from the inside in the Pizarro Palace. “Some of them think that we will obey, even if they are dealing with your children, your parents, your family,” he said.

approaching attacker

object repetitive taunts In the media and social networks, some were accused of symbolic violence, Castillo was unable to assert his authority in the first 12 months. When you make a decision in April state of emergency In Lima and Callao and declaring citizens’ inaction to contain the disturbance caused by the economic effects of the war in Ukraine, he had to retrace his steps before a larger protest approached on the streets. unsuccessfully promoted Constitutional reform and changes in agriculture. Their goals are now more modest: chemical castration of rapists minors, adolescents and women.

this Congress has a new authority today. Castle I call Fujimorista Lady Camones Working together to move forward a country that is more than 35% poor. He avoided the sugar-coated response and said “Insufficient“to”incapableAccording to Camones, the president should go home. Implying that there is a new decision, the president of Congress said, “We asked him, we called him to office, we invited him to resign, but he doesn’t make that decision.” constitutional accusation is at hand. If it succeeds, “it’s up to vice-president (Dina) Boluarte to take on it. For now, and before Castillo calculated his term in the legislature on July 28, 120 civic organizations asked him to spare himself the trouble, and in practical terms, advance the elections.

Source: Informacion


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