Elche CF season ticket campaign continues to progress strongly, and with the closure of physical sales points last night, the number of season tickets increased by two thousand compared to the previous day and exceeded 18,000. If the rate of demands remains the same today or at most tomorrow, The club can reach the marked 20,000 goal.

Just yesterday, at the mobile sales point that moved to the Rafal town hall, Elche managed to produce more than 200 new cards. The day was a complete success for the club and tomorrow I will be sending this traveling shop to Novelda, especially La Luna bar, center of Els Rabuts rock. Many fans from the Alto and Medio Vinalopó regions are expected to come there to pick up their passes. Working hours at this mobile point will be 10:00-14:00 and 16:00-20:00.

Yesterday’s day in Rafal was marked by a massive influx of Vega Baja residents., which emphasized the club’s proximity to the region. “We were always Elche because of its proximity, but now we are more in Part One and Centenary,” said one of the followers who approached the town hall. Rafal mayor Manuel Pineda and Peña Franjiverde Vega Baja’s managers were at the point of sale to check how the day was going.

At that time, the club announced the separation of Rafal and Novelda. the first two mobile points of the campaign One of its goals is to be closer to all fans and followers of the province. Other towns are expected to be announced in the near future, where Elche will go to attract more subscribers for the next campaign.

How to buy a subscription?

There are currently three ways a season pass can be purchased. We specifically explain this in the INFORMATION section. If on one side subscriber officeIt is located in the Martínez Valero stadium. To attend, an appointment must be made in advance on the Elche website (www.elchecf.es). On the other hand, you can go without an appointment. Official club shop in L’Aljub shopping center in ElcheHere, a shift system has been set up to minimize waiting times. Finally, it is possible to get the subscription online, on the same web page Del Elche, where you need to click on the “Subscribe” tab.