The Judge sends the King of Simpa to the Zuera prison.

The judge sent the ‘King of Simpa’ to Zuera prison for the next 15 days. Antonio Miguel Grimal MarcoKnown for dining in the Aragonese capital bars and restaurants and then didn’t pay (a minor offense but classified as fraud in the Criminal Code), was arrested for the fifteenth time on Monday night after playing in a new ‘simpa’ and spent Tuesday afternoon in court specifically. Before the 11th Court, which ordered him to go to prison.

Beyond all the cases where he was accused of having lunch and dinner at countless establishments. Zaragoza months ago, only from July 20 The mechanics of the events in which the ‘King of Simpa’ plays the leading role are followed day by day. It can be summarized as follows: eat without paying, arrested and taken to prisonappears in court, is released by decision of a judge, and immediately re-enters the bar and consumes again without paying. It is stopped and the cycle starts again. Thus, every day since the 20th.

What’s new is, after he was arrested on Monday and appeared in court on Tuesday, the judge sent him to Zuera for 15 days, apparently already executing a hefty sentence on him. petty scams Grimal Marco is punished with a financial fine. How to declare bankruptcy?the judges exchange the outstanding amounts for jail days.

final arrest

It was the last weekend between lunch and detention. 21st century rogue there is National Police Y Local He had gotten used to the latest incident involving Grimal. The man had left the courthouse after being released before he plunged into the Hispanidad fountain in the heat of the heatwave, lowering his body temperature in the waters of Plaza del Pilar. Then, after it dried, it was gone. Gastrobar 93 restaurants, on León Felipe street, here he ordered one and a half liters of water, a plate of Yakimeshi and beef with oyster sauce. When he went to order more food, a customer recognized him, informed the bar, and because he didn’t want to pay for what he ate. He was arrested.

Thus ended a week when I paid no more than 91 Euros for a taxi at a Japanese restaurant in the center of Plaza de Los Sitios in Zaragoza. There, before entering the dungeons, as the bullfights say, he put tobacco and gold. Aragon Police Department where you always have dinner and breakfast. And so it continues.

In total, the ‘King of Simpa’ made more than 60 arrests for which he was fined several times. Now he has to go to jail for 15 days.

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