A group attack on a man in Pontevedra ended with the victim staying in the intensive care unit.

The Pontevedra National Police is investigating a serious attack on a man that occurred about a week ago but has now come to light. The incident occurred in Michelena’s headquarters early on Friday, the 22nd, Thursday, and the victim was apparently beaten and severely injured by several people. After the first emergency aid in Pontevedra, it was decided to transport him to the hospital, given the seriousness of the injuries he presented. Intensive Care Unit of Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital vigo.

The center of the aggression occurred on Michelena street.

The Provincial Police Station is conducting an investigation into this incident, the cause of which is unknown, in complete secrecy. For now, it turns out that this man, apparently around 34 years old, was attacked by an unknown number of people, receiving a series of blows that knocked him to the ground and suffered, among others. strong effect on the head. Forensic Police agents took charge of the case, which is currently focused on the case. examining existing security cameras in the area, as well as taking statements from any witnesses who may provide any interesting data..

State commissioner Juan José Díaz limited himself this morning to confirming that an open investigation was being conducted by the National Police to clarify the facts. no arrests. However, he pointed out that it is the same. “on good track” however, no further information can be developed at this time. He also confirmed that the person who was attacked was seriously injured and is currently hospitalized for these events.

Source: Informacion


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