Olga Moreno won’t be in ‘Survivors’ finale: “It pisses me off because I was so excited”

I’ve been saying it for a few days and it’s finally going to be like this. Olga Moreno won’t be in ‘Survivors’ finale to give the check to the winner as every year. Although she doesn’t recognize it directly, the winner of the last edition refuses to attend her final reality show premiere. In order not to clash with Jorge Javier Vázquez.

It pisses me off not being there because I was so excited as the winner and that’s normal.He testified into the microphones of Europa Press when asked about it. Antonio David Flores’ ex-girlfriend said: “Everyone who wins is excited to hand the check to the other person, but that’s it… Nothing happens”.

Jorge Javier Vázquez spoke openly about the veto Moreno had imposed on him: “I don’t know what will happen on the final day. survivors when, who is the winner of the previous raid vetoed meI have to get into my set to distribute the check to the winner… Because I’m not moving from my set”, to express.

Again Olga Moreno joined ‘Survivors’ this year as a collaborator and as an advocate for her friend Ana Luque, the truth is He never did this at a gala presented by Jorge Javier., where he experiences great tension because of everything that happens as a result of the Rocío Carrasco documentary series. Already last year when the winner was announced, Moreno did not coincide with the main host of the reality show, because the final went from Thursday to Friday and represented a game that day.

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