Transportes acknowledges lack of reinforcement personnel in commissioning Extremadura bullet train

“ANDIt was a very complex commissioning process and maintenance teams needed to be strengthened.”. These are the words of the Minister of State for Transport, Isabel Pardo de Verameeting with the Minister of Mobility, Transport and Housing in Mérida this Wednesday, Leire Iglesias, to address the train crisis in Extremadura. Pardo de Vera is located on the slopes of the Extremaduran road or in the heat. as heads renfe Y Last Friday, Adif lagged behind the “event backlog” of the early days and only realized that, as it was a “private” commissioning, more personnel should have been available on site as there are parts of the track still under construction In case of complications, including the contractor.

And this is exactly what was done to fix the problem: continue to monitor the line and maintain the maintenance supplement after “acceptable programs” have been provided in the last four days. “The problems are limited and we have provided the opportunities, they should not be repeated”He drew attention to the Pardo de Vera, who provided this. “there is no reason at this time” for the service to not work properly.

set times

Thus, with regard to the infrastructure, the personal surveillance duties of the rails and steering drives of the contractors were included in the personal surveillance duties and the maintenance brigades of Adif were doubled. When it comes to trains, It is ignored that failures are caused by heat or inclined sections, as originally thought (Pardo de Vera noticed that the slopes of the Galician route are actually steeper because it is a single voyage route) and in any case it has been proven. The delay that could be caused by the wagons was mostly due to other external factors. What “congested travel times” rather than technical issues.

An example: In Atocha-Cercanías, two minutes are considered for passengers to disembark, an “overly optimistic” timeIt also takes into account the high demand for the service, according to Pardo de Vera. Likewise, the change of course required to enter Mérida is “hard to arrive on time”. Thus, the Pardo de Vera pointed out: some adjustments to travel time will need to be made, “This has nothing to do with technical issues” and you’ll find out later.

For the same reason, the 50% discount on ticket prices announced by the President of Renfe will be applied only on the routes of Alvia and Intercity, which are delayed by more than 15 minutes. As Pardo de Vera highlights, in the rest of the country, compensation occurs when delays exceed 70 and 60 minutes, respectively.

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