Judge extends investigation of BBVA-Villarejo case until January 2023

Judge Manuel Garcia Castellon extended by six monthsl instruction until 29 January 2023because it’s investigating BBVA’s relationship with companies affiliated with the former commissioner. José Manuel Villarejo responded to the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and the former head of the bank, Francisco González.

President of the Central Investigation Court No. 6, Efe’s decree dated July 22,number of remaining procedures to be performedit is therefore appropriate “to exhaust the instruction in a way that satisfies the right of defense and the right to prosecute”.

Among the proceedings decided by the magistrate, it still stands out as undated, The declaration under investigation about the ex-president BBVAFrancisco González, as requested by the banker in a letter on July 8.

In addition, they declared a series of Bank employees and former employees Clarify the terms of the accounts under which operations with Villarejo companies are managed and the extent to which they are aware of one of the companies, Cenyt’s relationship with the former commissioner.

The judge denies an investigation, as pursued by former head of Ausbanc, Luis Pineda, who appears to be an accusation in the process, if the bank, in collusion with the National Police and Villarejo, filed an anonymous complaint as a result. Pineda himself was sentenced to 8 years in prison for extorting money from banking institutions in exchange for avoiding legal action or smear campaigns.

García Castellón believes Pineda had his intentions “Use this procedure to achieve an outcome that is completely out of the question, with no indication of that”.

Judge García Castellón investigates Operation “Trap”The ninth separate part of the Villarejo case, which has been dealing with spying services to politicians, businessmen and journalists since 2004, which the bank will appoint from the former commissioner, while construction company Sacyr unsuccessfully launched a movement to try to take control. your existence.

In mid-2019, the judge admitted to indicting both the BBVA and its former president, Francisco González, in a case where others are already under investigation. former bank managersAs the bank’s former Risk Director Antonio Bejarformer chief of security Julio Corrochano or former CEO angel canoe.

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