UN Special Rapporteur criticizes Western sanctions for hitting the most vulnerable groups of people

The newspaper wrote that UN Special Rapporteur Elena Dovgan criticized the Western sanctions for hitting the most vulnerable segments of the population. Global Times.

In a video message to the Beijing Human Rights Forum, Dougan said that Western sanctions imposed after the start of special operations in Ukraine hurt the population categories most in need of protection – women, people living in remote areas, indigenous people. , children and people suffering from chronic and serious diseases. As a result, sanctions lead to increased unemployment and corruption, violence and crime.

“Human rights can only be protected and achieved through cooperation, dialogue, rule of law and non-discrimination and the application of double standards by every state and every international organization as the basis of international relations,” Dovgan said.

Maria Zakharova, previously the official representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statedThe West, in its attempts to isolate the Russian Federation, is only getting itself into a stalemate.

Source: Gazeta


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