Sexually abused 6-year-old girl cared for by her mother-in-law in Murcia

The Murcia County Court fined a 47-year-old man residing in the region’s capital. three years in prison for sexual abuse 6 year old girl stale.

The events took place in a house. Murcia. As stated in the narration of the proven facts of the sentence, when the girl’s mother went to work, she entrusted her to a woman who looked after the girl in her own home. The suspect is a house where the groom’s son-in-law of this woman has always had the opportunity to stay. alone with minor. Then he would take her to the bedroom and i kissed on the lips.

On one occasion, the subject even pulled down the little girl’s pants and underwear, “making her look like her. to lie down watching her genitals in bed, without confirming that he had ever touched her”. About a year later, the mother complained when she learned of the abuse her daughter had suffered.

At the trial, the victim described how this person received “little kisses on the mouth” and also described how one day she undressed and put her to bed when she didn’t even rub a finger. I didn’t tell anyone because she was afraid he would do something to her, but when she came home one night, she told her mother and she never came back to that house.

The person, on the other hand, assured that he did nothing to the minor as he was never alone with his mother-in-law, wife and sons at the address in question. He said he never kissed that girl’s face because he wasn’t affectionate..

While giving the sentence, the court takes into account the following: reliability points out that “the movements and postures described by the little girl have a high sexual content whose sole purpose is to satisfy the accused’s sexual instincts”.

When released from prison, the subject will have to spend five years on probation and will not be able to work in any minor-related jobs. You will have to pay compensation to your victim. 6,000 Euros for moral compensation.

Source: Informacion


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