Fire alarm at Monovar landfill

A fire broke out at Monovar’s idle landfill around 8:00 PM and since then firefighters from the regional park (3 trucks, 1 command car and 12 soldiers) have been trying to contain the fire. And at this time, given the ineffectiveness of water in firefighting, the source of the fire is hit with excavator shovels with earth shovels.

The fire started in the area where the plastics had accumulated, creating a large black smoke that could be seen from several kilometers away.

In addition, the resident noted that he did not rule out that large volumes of smoke and foul odors were carried into houses close to the landfill, and that the disturbance spread to the town of Monóvar.

Local Police and government team members also went to the scene to assess the situation.

This area is not exempt from controversy, as the residents of Cañada de la Harina, located near the landfill, denounced the foul odors emitted by the area, in INFORMATION published a few weeks ago.

Source: Informacion


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