Restalia brings first native 100 Montaditos kiosk format to Portugal

Restalia Holding – 100 Montaditos, La Sureña Jarras y Tapas, The Good Burger, Panther Organic Coffee and Pepe Taco – brought a new local format for the first time in Portugal, “100 Montaditos kiosk is a different space but customers can enjoy the full menu of 100 Montaditos.” can enjoy”.

Restalia, “committed to continuous innovation”, decided a few years ago to incorporate this new kiosk format into the operation of its best-known brand, 100 Montaditos, and is currently in the process of internationalizing the concept.

This location is a novelty for Restalia as it is the first time the company is launching the kiosk format outside of Spain. This is a model that the company has tested in our country before, which speeds up openings and facilitates operations.

“The Portuguese market is a priority in our international growth strategy. Undoubtedly, the good economic prospects leading to the recovery of the euro area make the neighboring country a solid bet for the expansion of the company,” they say from Restalia.

This new 100 Montaditos is located in the Oeiras Parque shopping center, a municipality in the Lisbon area. The restaurant, which opened its doors to the public last June, includes new features on its menu for almost 1 Euro, including the famous ’empotraditos’, Portuguese specialties and the Euromanía promotion.

Add to that all tapas and snacks like nachos, chips with gravy or chicken popcorn (with a vegan option) and gouda cheese, which can also be found on supermarket shelves to make at home.

Restalia achieved 100% growth in the neighboring country in just two years: It doubled its presence with 38 stores across the entire Portuguese geography, closing 2021 from 19 stores the company closed in 2019.

For this 2022, Restalia plans to close the year with the opening of more than 25 business units and the introduction of its five brands. It currently has a presence with 100 Montaditos, TGB and Pepe Taco’s recent opening. Coming soon Cervecería La Sureña Jarras y Tapas and Panther Organic Coffee.

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