Hugo Silva: “Now a seductive social misfit”

A few years later they tied the projects in television editing (from ‘The Ministry of Time’ ‘Nasdrovia’The actor who went through the comeback of ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ and ‘Los hombres de Paco’ returns to the cinemas with Hugo Silva (Madrid, 1977). ‘A boyfriend for my wife’, a movie in which Belén Cuesta plays an outdated temptress named Cuervo Flores, who will be hired to seduce her character and break up with her husband. With an image almost taken from the movie ‘Náufrago’, the long hair and bushy beard represent the antithesis of the archetypal concept of heartache and use all the comic possibilities hidden in a recording he has mastered perfectly.

Do you think her seductive figure still exists or is already a bit outdated?

Previously, success was about beauty, and in this movie it’s the opposite. That’s why I loved the character, because it shows that the figure is outdated, that it no longer makes sense in a society that is constantly on the lookout for new laws and new formulas that are no longer what they used to be. Now, a seducer is practically a social misfit.

Have you experienced this transformation throughout your career? Because he was initially labeled as one of the ‘handsome civil servants’ of Spanish cinema.

I think the industry has placed you in a role that you may or may not accept rather than label you. When I was younger, social sensitivity was stronger. Now everything relaxes and I am no longer thirty years old. I used to look ridiculous playing the roles I played when I was younger. And the industry has also changed, looking for a number of different references according to the changes taking place on the street.

He was very important in his comedy career. Another typography or is it really casual?

Looking back, I think I learned a lot from ‘Paco’s men’ with Paco Tous, Pepón Nieto and Juan Diego, and this experience was decisive in my career. But it came naturally, I feel comfortable in it, and I even get into characters who are serious in principle, like in ‘The Ministry of Time’. Comedy is rhythm and perspective, and I’m very expressive about what’s going on around me, even if I try not to show it. And I integrated that capacity for response into comedy.

You’ve had success on the small screen thanks to shows like ‘Al is leaving the classroom’ and later ‘Paco’s men’. The audience at that time was impressive. Everything changed in a very short time.

The way to reach popularity has changed a lot in recent years, yes. There were only five networks before, and viewer ratings for free-to-air series were brutal, as you say, with everyone watching something at home at the same time. Now not everything can be measured in the same way because motion is the opposite. The internet has changed everything, the offer has become so diverse that similar successes are hard to come by unless there are phenomena like ‘La casa de papel’. But that’s another concept. Everything we do now ends up on platforms and people watch at their own pace.

Do you think we were too comfortable? Will we go back to the cinema?

I was so deceived and I think people will soon miss the room experience and we will move to another phase where cinema becomes something special again. Watching movies at home is nice, but not that cool. You don’t concentrate the same, you don’t perceive what you see the same, you look at your mobile phone, you prepare a coffee… Therefore, I think that what happens in the theater will also happen in the cinema, that watching the cinema will be valued again, that it is the place where you enjoy the most.

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