Norwegian archaeologists have discovered the rarest ring of a wealthy Viking in a pile of jewellery.

Experts from the University of Bergen Museum have learned that the gold ring that the woman brought to the woman, which she bought along with a bunch of jewels at an online auction, belonged to an unknown but very wealthy Viking a thousand years ago. This was reported by the Norwegian newspaper Bergenavisen.

Marie Ingelin Heskestad, who lives in western Norway, bought a pack of jewelry from an online flea market. When she received the order in the mail, she was surprised that one of them looked too much like a piece of jewelry because of its weight and bright gold color. She showed it to the Bergen archaeologists, where one of the staff wore the jewel on her finger. Judging by its size, the ring clearly belonged to a man.

It is impossible to determine the age of the product by isotopic analysis, but archaeologists believe it was forged in the 8-11 centuries AD. Also, gold was rarely found in Norway at the time, so it could have been made in Sweden or Denmark, where similar rings were previously found in Viking burials. In any case, the jewel definitely belonged to a very wealthy man.

Museum staff contacted the online auction office where they said they bought all the jewelry from a Norwegian antique shop. But they can get there from other Scandinavian countries. Now the ring is preserved and is being prepared for an exhibition at the Bergen Museum.

Source: Gazeta


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