CaixaBank and Ivie have signed a new agreement through the ‘NIGHT Observatory’ to promote the competitiveness of Valencian companies.

CaixaBank and the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (Ivie) have once again signed cooperation agreements to continue research work conducted by the ‘Observatory of Government, Companies’ Strategy and Competitiveness’ (GECE). This project, which aims to analyze the evolution of the competitiveness of Valencian companies and the factors that can contribute to its improvement, has been renewed for another twelve months.

CaixaBank joins Xicu Costa, regional manager of the Community of Valencia, in signing this new agreement, which includes the extension of the observatory’s operation until June 2023; Felipe Pulido, commercial director of Business Banking, and Vicente Castellano, director of Community Risk Acceptance; and on behalf of Ivie, general manager Pilar Choren; assistant director Joaquin Maudos; and Alejandro Escribá, coordinator of the NIGHT Observatory.

During the meeting, Costa wanted to highlight the “importance for CaixaBank to cooperate with the initiatives developed by the ‘NIGHT Observatory’ to support Valencian companies and increase their competitiveness”. “The observatory allows for a dynamic study of the business characteristics, the strategies adopted, and the impact of management and leadership bodies on competitiveness,” he added.

from left Left to right: Joaquín Maudos, Alejandro Escribá, Pilar Choren, Xicu Costa, Felipe Pulido and Vicente Castellano Vicente A. Jimenez

Pilar Chorén, general manager of Ivie, stated that he is “convinced that with the support of CaixaBank the NIGHT project will continue to grow and we will add more companies to the Observatory Panel. To develop an analysis of the competitiveness of the productive fabric of the Valencian Community”.

In this new phase of the ‘NIGHT Observatory’, three new ‘Analysis’ documents will be prepared, which will focus on the three main thematic areas of the project: government, strategy and competitiveness of Valencian companies. In connection with these documents, three dissemination sessions will be held to announce the main results and thus contribute to the promotion of Valencian companies.

In parallel, all companies affiliated with the NIGHT Observatory that contribute to the generation of information with the questionnaires they fill out will receive periodic personalized reports that can be compared with other companies that are leaders in their respective sectors, both in the Valencian Community and in the Valencian Community. the rest from Spain.

‘NIGHT Observatory’

The ‘NIGHT Observatory’ examines competitiveness based on in-depth knowledge of the characteristics of Valencian companies and their comparison with the most competitive ones. To do this, it combines available information at the macro level with information from microdatabases on annual accounts, shareholders, capital structure or characteristics of the company’s governing bodies.

Since its launch in 2017, the ‘NIGHT Observatory’ aims to help propose improvement strategies to combat the competitiveness gap of Valencian companies, which is reflected in the Valencian economy’s lower weight in national GDP. During these years, which started in cooperation with Bankia and continued with the support of CaixaBank, the NIGHT Observatory has disseminated the results of its work through different materials available on the platform’s website (observatoriogece. it is).

They analyzed, among other things, the characterization of the business fabric and the examination of competitiveness, differences in ownership structures and internationalization profiles with the governing bodies used by Valencian companies. In addition, the sectoral analysis of business competitiveness has been deepened and even a study has been prepared on the resilience levels of autonomous communities in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

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